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Growth Mindset Monday: Michael Jordan Helps you set your mind to GROW!!

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It would appear that Mr. Jordan and I have lots in common...I fail a lot too!

So let's set that mind to growth! Failing, happens your whole life on repeat just like #23 states above. Our students need to understand that failure is the fist step towards success. That everyone fails and that is it a natural part of the process towards meetings one's goals and potential.

I hear from a lot of my teacher friends that they have been getting boy heavy classes lately. You all know that that poses distinct obstacles!

Boys can be tough, literally and figuratively. They haven't been socialized like girls to be complacent people pleases (more on that in another post, cross my heart).

They are often kinesthetic, our classrooms too often aren't. I hear them being described as reluctant all the time. So what are we suppose to do about it?

How about we teach them? Good idea right?? lol

No, but for real. A good start is to provide them with contextual and rich materials that they are interested in.

During your diagnostics both through one and on oral conferencing and observational try to figure out what that is!

A lot of boys won't read a book but they will read about a sport, or athlete, they like online. Use that to your advantage!

Think about it how much do you enjoy reading things that are of no interest to you whatsoever? So why would your students be any different at all?

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Putting my money where my mouth is I created this Lebron James Close Reading No Prep pack! Click to check it out!

So there you have.

Up to 20 followers on my Teachers Pay Teachers shop from 18 (baby steps) and two Monday Growth mindset posts in a row on this blog!

I'm getting there.

XO Cat

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