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Monday Mindsets: Growth Mindsets, What are they?

So what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks is this Growth Mindset mumbo-jumbo that has been sweeping the educational landscape?

I'll tell you what it is teacher friend....AWESOME!

A Growth Mindset is quite simple actually, it is a positive framing and focus for our students. It is telling them that it isn't going to be easy BUT it is possible.

As 21st Century educators it is our responsibility to do our best to promote, craft, create and support SUCCESS FOR ALL and that success ultimately begins with your student's mindsets!

Why not throw up some fun, colourful, modern and cute posters in your classroom for the sake of both decor and your little friend's future educational and life success? *steps-off-soapbox*

No but really, if we don't believe in ourselves we don't try, and our students are no different. You know as well as I do that some of our little friends are coming out of very negative environments and that there are social forces and cycles in place that threaten them, literally.

Let's make our classrooms that positive place, that refuge, that memory of the moment where they realized that they can; do, and have, and be MORE than their current circumstances.

I am a painfully positive educator, and you know what, I AM NOT SORRY. You should try it!

All that said every Monday I will post a Monday Mindset to help you get your head in the game!

What better for the inaugural post than this adorable little pig. They told him he would never do it, but look at him now...flying!

Ask yourself: "Self, what have I been told I can not do?" Now go start doing it!

Remember my friends the future of the world is in your classroom today!

You are doing the most important job in the world.

I love you guys!!



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Musings from an Ontario teacher, mother of three and former wardrobe stylist with a passion for educational resources, at risk students, differentiation, whole education and success for all! I truly believe in the transformational power of both Critical Literacy & Harry Potter. Oh, and I have an obsession with all things visual. Oh, and my name is actually Cat! For real...I promise...cross my heart.

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