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Ontario Report Learning Skills Poster, Where you all at??

So I have legit never entered an Ontario classroom (and trust, I have entered my fair share of classrooms) where there weren't learning skills posters on eternal display.

I love seeing the different varieties showcased from the hand marker-ed on chart paper, to the fancy-pantsy laminated glossy theme posters.

That said, I went on the hunt for some the other day and it left me with one burning question "where are these resources?" I literally could not find any that had a more modern classroom decor feel, or a student interest relevant theme.

So what's a lady to do?

I'll tell you what a teacher with a pocket-full of O.C.D does, she makes like 10 different versions...and adds some French FSL Learning Skills Posters for good measures!

So the next logical question (look at me sequencing: First, Next, for a spazztastic educator, like yours truly, was "why not try to make some milk money for the kids, spreading these lovelies to my equally under serviced Ontario educator teacher friends?"

When I said all that in my head I didn't pause once to take a breath...hence the lack of commas.

So, I did what any self respecting mother of three living in the GTA (read as I am not sure if I can afford air here on a teacher's salary) would do. I put them up on my TPT, Teachers Pay Teachers, shop Miss Cat's Classroom and sat and waited, and held my breath, and got giddy.

Then I got a little decompressed because with my whopping 18 followers it would appear no one on that site knows I exist *cue mini violins*.

So now that you feel guilty, or annoyed, hop over to Miss Cat's Classroom and do me the kindness of a follow.

If we play our cards right, one day I may even have 21 followers (a lady can dream!)

Here are a few other themes I made:

I also made Harry Potter theme ones, Star Wars theme, and the Wizard of Oz. If I hadn't passed out with exhaustion at 4 am I would have probably made more.

Sidenote: If you read through this whole thing God Bless You for real!

Until I feel like babbling aimlessly to myself again, into the black-hole that is the internet all the time telling myself that 'someone, somewhere, is totally reading this!',

I bid you adieu!



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Musings from an Ontario teacher, mother of three and former wardrobe stylist with a passion for educational resources, at risk students, differentiation, whole education and success for all! I truly believe in the transformational power of both Critical Literacy & Harry Potter. Oh, and I have an obsession with all things visual. Oh, and my name is actually Cat! For real...I promise...cross my heart.

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